The absolute thrill of having a baby that you thought just might not ever happen.  When everyone is telling you to give up and that it’s just not possible.  Well, it is possible.  Here is our story.

Why are we doing this?

Hi.  My name is Kim.  That’s me and my husband in the picture above receiving our sweet son, Oliver.  What a mind-blowing experience that filled our hearts with so much love and hope and happiness.  

After 3 long years of trying about every possible fertility treatment Oliver finally arrived.  The road was long and hard and lonely at times.

This moment caught on film embodies the essence of why we started Parent Starter.  The deliverance of a long, far away dream that seemed so impossible so many times.  That raw, pure emotion we felt when Oliver arrived; we want everyone to experience that same feeling too on their journey toward parenthood.  

With the creation of our fertility crowdfunding site, we can help those in need of fertility help get the assistance they need.  So those seemingly far way dreams of having children one day can become your reality.  

We are changing the way people make babies.

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Fertility Crowdfunding is here.

The science of making babies now exists.  So there is help for everyone and every case of fertility challenge.  

The problem is the price.

Sure, there is a solution for a particular fertility issue, but having the funds to pay for it is an entirely different world.  Some of these treatments are incredibly expensive.

Parent Starter wants to bridge the gap between those wanting to have babies and the funding they need to make it happen.  

For that reason, we do not charge any administration fees.

Here he is… Oliver Duncan Overton.  This little guy really is a miracle baby.  It took three years of trying everything from fertility meds, IUI, IVF, and Gestational Surrogacy.  Fertility proof that anything is possible.  Born March 21, 2015.

You are not alone. Welcome to the club.

Truth is, making babies is not all that easy sometimes.

Did you know that over 12 million people struggle with fertility every year in the US.  So just imagine the tribe of people out there feeling just like us right now.  

Together we can help each other make babies.


Meet Our Team

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We are a small, dedicated team committed to bringing fertility crowdfunding to the masses of those who need it most.

We are grateful for having the opportunity to create the world’s first fertility-only crowdfunding platform.  And we are even more grateful to help those in need of costly fertility treatments.

We do not charge any administration fees and your donations have $0 taken out from Parent Starter.